Take Control of Your Income & Leads!


 Dream – [dreem]

A sequence of imaginative thoughts indulged in while awake; daydream; fantasy

Reality[ree-al-i-tee] –

The state of things as they are or appear to be, rather than as one might wish them to be.

Is this your REALITY?

  • Not enough compensation?
  • Is your up-line keeping the lion’s share of your commissions?
  • Are your commissions vested from day one?
  • Are you receiving advanced commissions?
  • Paying too much for leads?
  • Not enough leads in your area?
  • Have you been led to believe you can earn passive income on the efforts of others but there are no leads to support this theory?
  • Too much travel?
  • High travel expenses?
  • Spending too much time away from home?
  • Missing family time and events?
  • Is there pressure to attend conferences that you have to pay for?
  • Have you been falsely represented a DREAM that doesn’t exist?
  • After all, if you are not succeeding, because of any or all of the above, has reality set in that the model you are in is NOT sustainable?

If any or all of this applies to you, we encourage you to spend 10-15 minutes perusing our website to find out what your up-line doesn’t want you to know!



Most companies that sell “the dream” are really not informing you of the reality of the situation as it relates to the life insurance business. There are some huge differences between the dream that is being sold and the reality of our industry, and if you’re not aware of them, this could CRUSH you financially.

THE DREAM IS:     Money leads to financial freedom. This is true, BUT…


  • It’s only the money that YOU keep that leads to YOUR financial freedom!
  • The sad reality is your up-line is keeping a huge percentage of the commissions that YOU earn.
    • YOU sacrificed your time to obtain your license.
    • YOU earned your license.
    • YOU studied your craft.
    • YOU put in the time to become an excellent sales person.
    • YOU paid for your leads.
    • YOU set the appointment.
    • YOU traveled to the appointment.
    • YOU spent money to travel and/or sleep out to work the leads.
  • There may be several people that receive an override for YOUR efforts. Some of them work to earn their overrides, some don’t. But they ALL get paid off of YOUR efforts regardless.

You spent several days away from home while your up-line who may or may not have assisted you enjoyed the override that should be rightfully yours. 

In order to be successful, you must have a sound foundation and business model that maximizes your time, effort and most importantly your finances.  The number one rule of business is to stay in business.  For you to be highly successful, your up-line can’t have it both ways.  You can’t be expected to pay top dollar for your leads and receive low compensation.  Remember: the lower your compensation, the higher the override for your up-line to divvy up amongst themselves – the total payout doesn’t change, all that changes is how much YOU get to keep.  You either must have a no-cost or low cost lead that may or may not be subsidized by your IMO, or extremely high compensation to make it in any sales structure.  This is Budgeting 101: you must maximize profits and minimize expenses.  Does your current structure prohibit you from achieving financial independence?


THE DREAM IS:     There is an “UNLIMITED opportunity” for you to earn “passive income” that will make you financially free.


  • Opportunity is NOT “UNLIMITED” in the insurance business because there is a limited supply of leads in each area. This is especially true when your business is dependent on mortgage protection leads, which are in turn dependent on mortgage originationsSimply put, your ability to earn an income is dependent on the number of homes that close or refinance in the area that you are working in.  Without a significant amount of closings, you’re out of business.  Why do you think so many people in your agency travel to different states?  It is clear that this is not a sustainable model.  It’s important that you recognize this before it’s too late so you can act accordingly.


  • There are only so many mortgage originations in your area, and only about 0.7 – 1.5% of the new mortgage holders will ever return a lead card. Do the math!
    • Why do you think so many people in your organization move or fly to where the leads are? How much more proof than that do you need?
    • Why do you think after they launch their mortgage protection program and hire some agents, they immediately jump into a final expense lead program? Your up-line has a lead shortage that will not only limit your income but could eventually crush you financially as you are supporting your up-line. Take off the rose-colored glasses and look at the true picture!
  • If you can’t even get a full deck of leads, how many sales can you expect to make, and how much passive income do you think there is to be had by recruiting more people to fight over that limited supply of leads?  Have you ever had the experience of recruiting someone and then having to explain to them that there aren’t enough leads available?
  • When you’re told that there are plenty of leads available, THE REALITY IS:
    • The leads are usually spread out all over the country.
    • The leads are aging because they don’t have enough local agents to work them.
    • After you spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to work those leads due to travel expenses and lead cost, how much is left for you?
    • What is all this travel doing for your personal relationships?

THINK ABOUT IT:         If you can’t get a full deck of leads locally, how will you build a down-line?  Will every one of your agents be forced to move?  How is that a sustainable model?  I think we both know the answer to that.  So much for the so called passive income.  After all, the proof is in the results. How is your current model working for you so far?

How much money are YOU leaving on the table with your current IMO?